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Beauty Art District was created out of the passion for helping to make a person's day.​ While being in the beauty industry, Catherine Marie Badua realized how much of an impact beauty services actually had over a person. She saw how professional hair and makeup artists were able to enjoyably express themselves through their craft. It was an outlet for them to be creative and inspired. She also saw how a person's whole demeanor changed by simply having their hair and/or makeup done. It brought them instant confidence as if they could take on anything in the day.

Since then it has been a goal for Beauty Art District to serve as a platform made to make a person's day by empowering and cultivating confidence, creativity and inspiration through the art of beauty. We connect professional hair and makeup artists (who are just as passionate about our goal) with customers seeking beauty services, bringing the art of beauty to them, wherever that may be. We aim not only to make a person look great, but to feel great too!

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